Champagne Skies 107 X 107 x 4cm Print

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Champagne Skies, Multi blends bright, vivid colors of greens to create a vibrant abstract painting with metallic gold paint. Champagne Skies is a printed and hand-painted design, by artist Patrick St. Germain.

This piece has been carefully selected by our Scatter Box design team, not only for its originality but its stunning design and use of colour. It is designed to coordinate beautifully with the rest of our collection.

© Artist – Patrick St. Germain.
Patrick is largely influenced by his travels into remote parts of the world, he explores the grandeur of nature by weaving abstraction and landscape into his own personal visual language.

Product Dimensions: 107X107X4cm

Material: Canvas


  • Printed & Hand-painted
  • Metallic gold paint
  • Contemporary floating champagne frame
  • Original landscape print
SKU: 1AT007A