Remington B5 Series Beard Trimmer

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  • Precision Styling - The Intuitive Zoom Wheel and Adjustable Comb will help you effortlessly select the length you need, to achieve any style from 3-day stubble to a full, well-maintained beard.
  • Cordless Power - In cordless mode, it has an impressive Usage Time of up to 60-Minutes. The 2-stage LED charging indicator will indicate when charging, fully charged or running at low power.
  • Titanium Coated Blades - Strong and durable, achieve a consistently sharp and impressive performance thanks to the Style Series B5's Titanium Coated, Self-Sharpening Blades.
  • Premium Design and Finish - Crafted from premium materials, chrome finishes and an eye-catching black and yellow zoom wheel, this beard trimmer is Premium on Style as well as performance.