Paw Patrol Swim Set in Box

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Make a splash with this Paw Patrol Swim Set!

Dive into adventure with Chase, Marshall and the whole gang as they join you on your aquatic escapades. This set includes a Paw Patrol-themed swim ring, arm bands for extra confidence in the water, and a beach ball for endless beachside fun.

Whether you’re paddling in the pool or catching waves at the beach, this set is sure to bring joy to every water-loving pup enthusiast!

• Swim Ring (approx. 42cm Inflated)
• Arm Bands (approx. 16x14cm inflated)
• Beach Ball (approx. 30cm inflated)

All items are equipped with a safety valve which ensures easy inflation and prevents air from leaking too quickly when the valve is open.

Product Information:
• Paw Patrol Swim Set
• Summer Essentials
• Water Toys
• Brand: Sambro
• Design: Paw Patrol
• Ages: 3+