Nedis Hot Water Dispenser 2.5L 2.6Kw

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• Dispense as much hot water as you want - at the temperature you need - with the touch of a button
• Direct selection button for optimum water temperature for baby food (40°C)
• Energy saving - boiling water is available in 8 seconds
• Child lock, boil dry and overheat protection - for safe use
• Clear water level window and digital display - for ease of use
• Removable drip tray - for easy cleaning
• Elegant stainless steel design
• Limescale monitor - to indicate when limescale cleaning may be required
• With filter box to hold optional water filter

With this stylish hot water dispenser you can have hot water within a few seconds with just a the touch of the button. There is no need to preheat, nor wait. In contrast to a kettle, you do not need to heat a minimum filling amount because this hot water dispenser works according to the continuous heating principle. It only heats the amount of water you need. This saves time and energy.

Thanks to the 5 different volume selections and seven temperature choices, you have complete control of this dispenser. From room temperature to steaming hot water for tea or an instant noodle snack.

You can determine the temperature and desired amount of the water (100 ml - 2.7 l) with the sensor touch display. The device even has a quick selection button for preparing baby food (40 ° C). Cups and pots of max. 16 cm high fit under the spout.
Easy to fill thanks to the removable reservoir. Warning notification if the water is running low or if limescale has formed. The removable drip tray makes it easy to clean the appliance. Also equipped with boil-dry and overheating protection.
Can be used with water filter if desired.