Nature Safe Wild Atlantic Seaweed 1Ltr

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      • Nature Safe Wild Atlantic Seaweed Plant Food is 100% Organic and as it is a liquid it is quickly absorbed by plant roots.

        Of all the plant foods available the totally organic, Nature Safe range is the one that I could not do without.

        Seaweed from the Connemara coast of Ireland is hand harvested, sustainably and cold pressed to make a Liquid Seaweed Plant Food which:

        • Maximises plant immunity
        • Produces, healthier and more vibrant, flowers, fruit and veg plants
        • Can be used on all plants, edible and ornamental and on lawns.

        Nature Safe Wild Atlantic Seaweed Plant Food: 


        • It is 100% Organic and made from entirely Plant based ingredients.
        • It Enriches soil
        • Improves Plant Immunity
        • Yields more Fruit and Flowers.
        • Bee Friendly
        • Child and Pet Safe
        • Vegan Friendly
        • Irish Made