Mobile Phone Jail

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  • JAIL CELL LOCK UP - This mobile phone Jail Cell Lock Up is a fun and secure way to remove distractions around the home or office. Simple assemble the cell, place your devices in the cell, attach the padlock and turn the key – then incarcerate your phones for as long as you please!
  • PHONE STORAGE - The cell is large enough to take the larger sizes of mobile phones and will hold up to 6 phones – a handy and fun way to store all your devices. Jail Cell Lock Up is easy to assemble and includes a padlock and 2 keys.
  • NO UNWANTED DISTRACTIONS - Stop unwelcome interruptions when you are trying to stay focused. This pint-sized prison is a great novelty gift for anyone addicted to their phone – ideal for dinner parties, meetings, bedtimes and encouraging family time.
  • PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTER - It can be very easy to get distracted by your phone while you are trying to study or work. With Jail Cell Lock Up, temporarily lock up your phone for as long as you need to and watch your productivity peak.
  • CONTROL KIDS SCREEN TIME - This mobile jail cell can be a novel way to control the amount of time your children spend on their electronic devices Lock their phones away until all homework or chores are completed