KitchenCraft Soft Grip Cheese Knife

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  • Bursting for a bit of brie? Can’t cope without camembert? No matter which cheese gets your heart racing, this knife provides a simple, stylish and comfortable way to serve them.
  • It doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the cheese board, but like all KitchenCraft Professional products, it’s a sturdy, reliable product that does a simple job really well.
  • The knife is specially designed for use with softer cheeses, with holes in the blade to stop cheese sticking and cut down on mess. And with its sturdy serrated blade, it cuts cleanly through firmer cheeses like cheddar too. The ‘pièce de résistance’? A soft-grip handle that’s gentle on your hands and provides complete control and comfort as you slice and serve.
  • The perfect tool whether you're serving cheese courses at dinner parties or even just cutting yourself an indulgent treat, it has a fork-tipped end to make picking up slices simpler. It's gentler on your hands too. This soft cheese knife's handle is finished with a soft-grip coating to give you complete control and comfort.