KitchenCraft Knife block set 5 Piece Black

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  • What’s the state of your cooking knives? A bit blunt? A bit tired? Randomly scattered into a kitchen drawer, difficult to locate - and dangerous, too, if they don’t have covers? Whatever you’re planning - succulent steaks, seasoned fish fillets, freshly sliced bread, grilled into golden pieces of toast - make food prep go more smoothly with this five-piece knife set.
  • Slotted into a sturdy knife block, you get all the blades you need to cook up a storm. Use for all your classic midweek meals. If you’re planning a rustic cottage pie, grab the 20 cm chef knife for chopping meat and potatoes, and slicing veggies. Use the 7.5 cm paring knife for all your mincing and slicing tasks; it’ll make light work of garlic, chillis and herbs. When you’re slicing a fresh, crusty loaf, the 20 cm bread knife is your go-to. Utilise its serrated edge when you’re cutting hard rind and citrus fruits too. Stored neatly, and safely, in a sleek, minimally styled knife block, they’ll never be out of reach. And that’ll save you time – and stress – whenever you hit the kitchen.
  • Knives are not for sale to persons under the age of 18.