Kids Shark Hooded Towel Poncho

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Watch as your little sharks embark on thrilling underwater quests with this fun towelling poncho. Crafted from soft and absorbent cotton towelling fabric, it quickly dries them off after water play while keeping them warm and cosy. Designed for convenience, the over-the-head hooded style makes it easy for kids to slip on and off either at the beach or after bath time. Catherine Lansfield is renowned for style and quality - designed and developed in Great Britain. Made to quality and human-ecological safety standards, in accordance with MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®. Better Cotton- By choosing our cotton product, you're supporting Catherine Lansfield's investment in Better Cotton's mission. Better Cotton is sourced via a chain of custody model called mass balance, this means that this product may not contain Better Cotton, however Better Cotton Farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those used. Learn more at //

* Pure Cotton: Soft and responsibly sourced cotton, which is easy to care for. * Responsible: Crafted from soft responsibily sourced cotton. * Absorbent: Easily dry off after a long soak in the bath. * Easy to Wear: easy to use without the need for tying or fastening * Soft and Comfortable: Feeling gentle on the skin for a relaxed soak. * Space-Saving: Serve as both a towel and cover-up, saving space in your beach bag or at home.

100% Cotton

Wash Before Use. Machine Wash at 40 Degrees. Air or Line Dry Only