Hama Handsfree Headset Myvoice 1300

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You sit cramped at your desk with the telephone handset wedged between your shoulder and ear. So it's no wonder your neck muscles ache. This is where our "MyVoice1300" headset comes in. With the in-ear earphone, you can make calls wirelessly and relaxed. Whether in the office or at home.


  • Supports the voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant: Bluetooth pairing and a multi-function button allow direct access - without having to hold the smartphone
  • CVC 6.0 technology improves the speech quality of the microphone: environmental noise is actively suppressed, so that only the actual voice reaches the conversation partner
  • With the custom-fit USB charging station, you can supply new power to the headset at any time, e.g. in the car, on the power pack or on the notebook
  • Allows simultaneous connection of the headset with two smartphones
  • Silicone earbuds in three different sizes (S, M, L) for an individual, perfect fit
  • Bluetooth mono headset for comfortable telephony
  • To accept a call, simply remove the headset from the charging station
  • USB charging station: ideal holder for the headset when not in use
  • Volume control
  • Headset status announcement (in English), for e.g. successful connection, max. volume or low battery
  • Charge status can be checked on iOS and Android devices (if supported by the device)


  • 1 x "MyVoice1300" Mono-Bluetooth headset
  • 1 x USB charging station