Electrolux Integrated Double Oven

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600 SurroundCook KDFCC00X Built-in Oven 61 l A Stainless Steel with antifingerprint coating
Multitasking made easy
Thanks to the 300 Double Oven, you no longer have to compromise at mealtimes. Two separate cavities mean that you have the flexibility to cook two different dishes. Now you can roast a chicken and bake a cake, at once. Making hosting effortless.
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    Double Oven for flexible cooking
    Our Double Oven gives you real kitchen flexibility. With two separate cavities, you can cook two difference dishes at once. Host a dinner party with ease, now you can roast succulent joints and bake indulgent deserts at the same time.

  • Quick and effective, Even Cooking
    Our Even Cooking system circulates heat throughout the oven, making sure everything is cooked evenly. All without the need to turn your dish. Our technology means your oven heats up faster saving you time and energy.

  • Catalytic Cleaning, for an oven that cleans itself
    Our Catalytic Cleaning technology means you can say goodbye to build-ups of grease and residue. This self-cleaning technology automatically starts to work when the oven's temperature reaches 250°C. Now cleaning your oven is easy.

  • Complete visibility with our LCD display
    Our LCD display puts cooking time, mode and temperature at your fingertips. It gives you access to pre-programmed recipes, so our oven does the hard work for you. Select the meal and our oven will adjust automatically to create the perfect dish.

  • Grill for golden results
    From crisped bacon to bubbling mozzarella, get more out of your grill than ever before.  Perfect for crispy chicken wings and melt in your mouth halloumi.