Einhell 18V Cordless 82MM Planer Bare

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  • The Einhell cordless planer TE-PL 18/82 Li - Solo is a high-performance, flexible hand-held planer which offers freedom for DIY and ambitious wood handicraft enthusiasts performing jobs with a chip depth of up to 2 mm by hand.
  • Large knife shafts deliver optimum planing results and the solid aluminium soleplate ensures flat results. The soleplate also has a V-shaped groove for easy chamfering of edges.
  • There is an automatic parking rest to protect the planer and the workpiece. The ergonomic handle ensures a firm and secure hold and tireless operation. For comfortable handling, the cordless planer has a soft grip.
  • The product is supplied with a parallel stop for precise planing results, plus a rebate depth stop for making recesses with ease. Also included is a TCT planing knife (reversible blade) for achieving an excellent surface quality.
  • As a member of the PXC family, all the rechargeable batteries from the series can be used in the planer. For optimum results it is recommended that 2.5 Ah rechargeable batteries, or more powerful, be used. It comes without a battery or charger.