Creative Tops Gold Reflections Premium Placemat Large 6pk

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  • Dinnertime will quickly become the most sparkly time of the day, with these placemats on hand. Soft shades of teal and cream are divided by a scattering of golden specs in this ‘Golden Reflections’ inspired placemat design, which echoes moments of natural beauty, like a summer sunset over the sea.
  • The rectangular shape is topped with a luxury, lacquered surface that’s wonderfully smooth to touch. It’s stain resistant, easy to wipe clean and will work hard to protect your surfaces.
  • At 0.5 cm thick and backed with cork, the mats will keep hot dishes away from your tabletop with a heat-resistance of up to 120°C. To seal the deal, the edges of the mats are lacquered too, so they’re durable and resistant spills and moisture from wet plates and dishes.