MasterClass Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish 5L Black

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  • It's not often you get to enjoy the best of all worlds. But with this innovative five-litre casserole dish from MasterClass, you can.
  • This sturdy dish is made of high-quality aluminium, which is lightweight and a strong heat conductor. And it's finished with a double scratch-proof, non-stick layer. That’s the perfect recipe for a long-term kitchen companion: an extra-tough pot that cooks stews evenly and thoroughly. (And it’s easy to clean up too.)
  • It's ideal for cooking hearty beef stews or spicy chicken casseroles on the hob (it’s induction safe). You can put it in your oven too - making it great for those slow-cooked stews, curries and tagines. Built to last, this casserole dish is covered by MasterClass' 25-year guarantee.