Leifheit Clean and Twist Disc Mop

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    • Bucket with spinning system allows convenient cleaning of the mop without contact with the water.
    • Wiper Mop Set CLEAN TWIST Disc Mop Ergo consisting of telescopic handle, bucket with slingshot sieve and wipe mop micro duo.
    • Individual moisture dosing thanks to the slingshot stop function.
    • Flat angled 360° gimbal to wipe in snake lines and in hard-to-reach places.
    • Length-adjustable telescopic handle for back-gentle work.
    • Micro Duo mop head is ideal for all types of flooring.
    • With comfortable carrying handle and handle holder for easy transport.
    • Handle trough and wide handle opening with spout for clean emptying of the bucket.
    • Optimized ball bearing position for calmer spinning.