Dewalt Jigsaw Blades DEWDT2160QZ

Dewalt Jigsaw Blades DEWDT2160QZ

  • €12,95

  • The DeWalt DEWDT2160QZ HSS jigsaw blades are engineered to deliver a quality cut in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are fully hardened high speed steel for increased durability.

  • The blades have a T shank fitting for all T-shank Jigsaws. They are ideal for straight cuts in thin metal, non-ferrous metal, aluminium & sheet metal from 1.5 - 4mm thick.

  • The DeWalt DEWDT2160QZ has the following specifications:
    Overall Length: 76mm
    Length: 50mm
    Tooth Pitch: 1.2mm
    Max DOC: 4mm
    Equivalent Bosch Ref: T118A

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