MasterClass Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish 5L Blue

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  • Revolutionise the way you cook It's not often you get to enjoy the best of all worlds. But with MasterClass’s cast aluminium casserole dishes, you can. Thanks to its cast aluminium construction, this sturdy dish is a strong heat conductor. This means you get all the benefits of cast iron cookware, but in a lightweight, easy to handle form.
  • It's finished with a double scratch-proof, non stick layer. This all adds up to the perfect recipe for a long-term kitchen companion - an extra-tough stew pot that cooks one-pot meals evenly and thoroughly.
  • You can use this large casserole dish with lid for oven or stovetop cooking (it’s induction safe). It’s great for braising meats, slow-cooking stews, making curries and more. Built to last, this casserole dish is covered by MasterClass' 25-year guarantee.